Attract more Bookers on Booking.com

Are you looking for an effective way to get new bookings when you need them the most? Using a promotion is a great way because you can be flexible and targeted with what you are offering. Whether you are trying to attract more guests during the busy season or sell your rooms last minute, promotions help increase your occupancy over specific periods.

Using mobile rates will provide a special discount to guests who are using mobile devices. Since millennials are more likely to book from mobile devices adding mobile You will be able to reach a large number of bookers by offering this discount since the majority of all reservations are made from a mobile device. Booking.com reports that you will increase your bookings from mobile devices by 26% when you add the recommended 10% discount. This discount will only be seen on the Booking.com app and mobile device browsers.

Attract early bookers by setting up an advance purchase rate using the Early Booker Deal. Booking.com gives you the ability to show prices for up to 16 months ahead of booking. By loading your availability that far in advance you will attract more visitors. This will keep your page visible to travelers who are looking to book their trips as early as possible.

Country Rates will offer a discount to guests from the market of your choice. You will be able to attract guests from a specific country or tap into a different market. Country rates can only be seen from an IP address that matches the country that you are targeting. Booking.com recommends a minimum discount of 10%, but this can be adjusted based on your preference.

BookingPal has made it very simple to set up a promotion to be sent to Booking.com. BookingPal offers 6 types of promotions. Those promotions are Basic Promotion, Same Day Deal, Early Booking Deal, Business Booker, Country Rate, and Mobile Rates. These can all be added in your BookingPal account. Please reach out to your BookingPal contact for assistance.


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