BookingPal Affiliate Program

Wouldn’t it be nice if demand channels and supply channels in the vacation rental industry enjoyed the same kinds of one-stop shopping benefits and interconnectivity as the hotel, rental car, and airline industries?

By joining BookingPal’s Affiliate Program, they can!

Demand channels will have instant access to an ever-increasing amount of diverse vacation properties all over the world, and vice-versa!

Supply channels’ inventory will automatically get plugged into sites like Allegiant Air, Condo.com, Got2Go, Jet Blue, Sojourn, Weddily, XOKind, Yonder, Zumper, and many more as they are added!

Demand Channels
For demand channels, the affiliate program frees you from having to contract with each and every property manager out there.

Instead, you’re automatically connected to all of them through BookingPal’s API which not only provides your direct access to all of that inventory (and all future inventory that is added in the future), but it also powers the search engine as well.

Supply Channels
If you’re a property manager, the affiliate program drastically simplifies your contracting and accounting processes.

Instead of signing individual contracts with each new channel as it comes available and dealing with whatever accounting differences may exist between them all, you’ll simply set up one agreement with BookingPal and one agreement with Stripe (our payment gateway—see below), after which your properties are instantly added to every affiliate demand channel—all at once.

But the benefits don’t end there 🙂

    We handle all the invoicing, complete with automated credit card charging

    You get paid in real time and control your money

    Property managers remain the merchant of record

    Automated cancellation-policy-approved refunds

    Automatic distribution of inventory across new channels/sites as they are added

    BookingPal automatically pays the property managers

    BookingPal automatically pays the distribution channels

Payment Gateway by Channel
A brand new BookingPal feature, Payment Gateway by Channel, allows property managers to turn on stripe only for inventory included in the affiliate program, allowing the remaining properties to continue using whatever payment procedures and accounting methods that are currently in place.

The image below shows the BookingPal distribution wizard screen for a property manager getting ready to sign up on our affiliate program. The affiliate channels are currently grayed out, but are quickly enabled by either signing up for a new Stripe account, or linking their current Stripe account, for these channels.

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Here’s a short video tutorial on enabling Stripe for affiliate channels:


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