Channel Manager

Our seamless channel manager connects you to over

200 million

monthly visitors.

Featured Channel Partners

Access over 40 distribution channels

Connect your properties to over 200 million monthly visitors

Customize your distribution channels

Reach more guests

Save time

Availability & Rate Automated Syncing

Your rates, availability, and restrictions are automatically synced between your platform and various channels. We eliminate the need to manually update this information saving you time and money.

Content Management Platform

Our content management platform allows you to centralize your setup and update of all of your property level information. Once the property is created in our CMS platform, it can then be distributed to various channels eliminating the need for you to go to various channel extranets to have it set up. Our CMS platform can be used as a depository for high resolution images, it allows you to tag and change the order of the images and enable you to store all of your taxes, fees and restrictions as well.

Content Syndication

Adding descriptions to your properties for every single channel that your property is on is very time consuming. With BookingPal, all you have to do is give us one description per property and we will do the rest. That one description will be up on every channel the property is on.

Promotions Syndication

You can set up promotions for various channels and we will submit these promotions via our channel API integrations so you don’t have to manually set them up and update them.

Reservation Details Emailed

The line item detail of each reservation is emailed to you so that you will know exactly what rate code was used, which promotions, taxes, and fees were applied, and what commission was charged.

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard allows property managers access to data to see how their properties are doing. These in-depth analytics give property managers the tools to see which properties are succeeding and why they are succeeding. Property managers can use these analytics and data and apply them to properties that aren’t doing as well as their successful properties. A single dashboard gives you transparency over the health of your online distribution system and performance by channel. See which booking channels are delivering the most revenue for your property.

Consolidated reservation and booking history

Our system combines a number of reports into a more effective and coherent form. This helps property managers internalize the data and gives them an easy-to-read report with booking history.

Unlimited access to technical support

Our technical support staff is available 7 days a week to provide support.

2-way channel connectivity

The BookingPal platform extracts the property information from property management system (PMS) and automatically sending prices, availability and restrictions for the different types of rooms to a number of channels.

PMS connectivity

We are connected to over 40 different PMS providers such as HomeAway Software, Streamline, Barefoot, VRM, RNS and many others. They are fully integrated with our system and can sync data.

Import from PMS property level information(Description, Amenities, Images, Rules)

You can automatically import all of your property level information via your PMS into BookingPal and make it available for distribution.

Import from PMS (Rates, availability, fees, taxes, restrictions, yield rules)

You can automatically import all of your dynamic content rates, availability calendar, restrictions, and fees and taxes via your PMS into BookingPal and make it available for distributions.

Setup and activation consulting (3 sessions)

Work with our professional on-boarding team to get all of your properties setup and optimized for distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should property managers and owners use BookingPal?

BookingPal makes it easy for management professionals to list their vacation homes, RV parks, campgrounds, and short-term rentals in the places travel agencies and real estate websites use to search and book vacation rentals.

Where do my vacation rentals appear?

Once vacation rental listings are synchronized, imported, or added to BookingPal they appear in your choice of distribution channels. Standard choices include online travel websites, travel agencies and real estate websites, plus a growing list of additional options.

Who can list vacation rentals with BookingPal?

Property managers and owners can list supported types of vacation rentals on BookingPal. Generally, all that is required is signing up for BookingPal and transferring inventory from a management system or entering listing information directly into BookingPal.

When should I update my BookingPal listings?

It's best to update listings whenever there is a change to rates and availability or if something has changed at the property that would be important to a guest. When using BookingPal with property management integration, updates will automatically synchronize. Otherwise, you should login to BookingPal directly and make updates as frequently as desired.

What types of vacation rentals are supported?

The types of vacation rentals supported continue to grow. At this time, BookingPal supports vacation homes, RV parks, campgrounds, and short-term rentals. Contact us if you have a different type of vacation rental you would like to add to BookingPal.

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