Distribution Management

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Our distribution management tools simplify the distribution process while keeping everything in one place while amplifying your bookings. Use these tools to simplify the OTA contracting process, eliminate the accounting and reconciliation burden, and to receive payments faster.

Clustering (Key and Rep level)

On certain channels it can be tough to reach the top of a search queue against hotel chains. With property clustering, we can cluster all your properties together into one listing. Once clustered, your properties will generate enough revenue to compete with hotel chains when it comes to search queues.

Listing Creation

We create listings based on each channels specific requirements.

Modifications and cancellation support

Through our PMS integrations we can process both cancellations, as well as modifications, of reservations to sync with the channel.

Reservation Posting

Each reservation generated from channels will be posted into your PMS folio or emailed for you to enter into your platform.

Reservation Quote Details

The reservation quote details of each reservation are organized so that you will know exactly what rate codes, promotions, taxes, fees, and commissions were charged to your guests.

BookingPal's Solution for Vacation Rental Property Managers

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