Increase Search Visibility and Conversion on Booking.com

With the state of the industry, it is more important to be competitive in Booking.com search results than ever. Vacation Rental accommodations are seeing growth in occupancy these past few weeks while hotels are seeing an all-time low. We have put together a list of Booking.com features you can opt into that will help your listings stand out, be more visible in search, and convert better.

Ensure Children Welcome is Enabled
With everything going on in the world right now many families’ vacations have been postponed. On average a family will stay 28% longer than couples or solo travelers. You could be missing out on potential family bookings if your policy doesn’t allow children. Increasing the flexibility of your policies will make your property more attractive to these travelers. It could also give you a better chance of getting a booking. Allowing children to stay with you will attract the bookers looking for a family vacation spot. To learn how to enable this in your Booking.com extranet, click here

Opt-In to a Flexible-1 Day Policy
Many travelers are wanting the option to modify their travel plans if a change in circumstance affects them. Another way to add flexibility for future travel plans is to update to the Flexible -1 day policies. Booking.com is advising for properties to set up this fully flexible rates with the possibility to cancel up to 24 hours before check-in. If you adjust your rates to this Flexible -1 day policy you will see your visibility boosted in search results by up to 23%. To learn how to enable this in your Booking.com extranet, click here

Opt-In to the Preferred Partner Program
An exclusive program offered by Booking.com called the Preferred Partner Program can provide your listings with 65% more page views and 40% more bookings. This program is only available to the top one-third of properties. To qualify for this program your property must have an average guest review score of 7, be among the top 30% of properties in the area in terms of performance, have an above-average conversion for the area, below-average cancellation rate, perfect payment record, and offer a certain amount of availability and popular rates on Booking.com. By opting in to this program you will receive a special thumbs-up icon to indicate the property is on a preferred status. To find out if your properties qualify click here

Opt-In to the Genius Program
A way to boost your property’s visibility and get closer to Booking.com’s most frequent bookers is the Genius program. Becoming a Genius partner will get your property a special Genius tag, ranking boost, and will have better visibility in the search results. To join the program your property needs to have received 3 or more guest reviews and a review score of at least 7.5. Once your listing joins the program it immediately starts attracting high-value Genius guests. The Genius guests are a select group of customers that travel more often, book further in advance, and typically spend more money. The average partner who joins the Genius program increases their bookings by 18% and revenue by 17% after subtracting the cost of the discount. When you join the Genius program you will automatically enable the mandatory 10% discount on your least expensive and most popular room. To find out if your properties qualify click here


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