New BookingPal Releases This Week

Here at BookingPal, we’re always looking for improvements and ways to help make our partners’ business lives easier. To that end, we’ve recently released a handful of updates that might be of interest to you!

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Airbnb Modifications Update
For BookingPal partners who use Airbnb but who do not have a modification API, BookingPal will approve Airbnb modifications made by guests, as long as the property manager is also approving the modification in Airbnb. For those partners, BookingPal will accept the modification and alert the property manager with a confirmation email.

This same update also applies to property managers who may have recently connected their Airbnb account to BookingPal. Though BookingPal may not yet “see” the reservations receiving the modification, BookingPal will approve and confirm them nonetheless and will provide the same email alert described above.

NOTE: *Depending on the integration between BookingPal and the property management system, approved modifications may or may not be reflected immediately in your property management software.

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Guesty Fees and Taxes
software that allow property managers to set taxes and fees on the account level as well as the property level. Previously, only property level taxes were supported. Thanks to Guesty’s recent update, BookingPal can now support fees and taxes on both levels.

So, for any Guesty account that includes both types, BookingPal will now receive and display that data automatically.

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TRACK Bedding by Bedroom
TRACK property management software users may now add additional listings to BookingPal without having to manually enter bedding by bedroom data. This makes adding new properties to your favorite channels faster than ever.

This feature can be a crucial one when guests are choosing destinations, as it helps them more quickly and easily assign rooms to individual parties during the booking process rather than merely observing property photos or waiting until they arrive.

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HVMI Detailed Error Data
BookingPal just upgraded its integration to give Homes & Villas By Marriott (HVMI) more error data, should any occur during the booking process. If a guest is attempting to generate a quote or create a reservation and BookingPal receives an error, HVMI will receive much more detailed data regarding that error.

This is helpful in two ways: 1) HVMI will have a better understanding as to what error actually occurred, and 2) as a result, HVMI will be better equipped to help navigate guests through whatever actions are necessary to complete the booking.

If you need any help with any of these recent updates, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via email at support@mybookingpal.com!


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