BookingPal announces integration of Airbnb’s Tax API into its Tax Manager Dashboard

Newport Beach, CA

May 4, 2022

BookingPal, the global leader in software technology solutions for vacation rental property managers and owners, has incorporated Airbnb’s Tax API into the company’s tax manager dashboard.

Considered one of the most popular vacation rental website, Airbnb recently launched a Tax API that provides property managers a number of tax handling tools to simplify the complicated process of collecting occupancy taxes.

“Very rarely do property managers advertise with only one channel,” says Alex Aydin, founder and CEO of BookingPal. “As a software leader, we’re dedicated to providing our managers ease and convenience to list across multiple channels and manage the back-end operations of syncing calendars and collecting taxes across multiple sites so they can run a legitimate business.”

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Airbnb’s new tax tools, which are now available within the BookingPal tax dashboard, define vacation rental properties into four categories:

Ineligible – the property is not eligible to have taxes managed over the API Connection. By default, BookingPal will send taxes to Airbnb as a fee for remittance, however Airbnb may be collecting and remitting taxes as well. Property managers need to visit each of their listings on Airbnb and observe whether or not any taxes are included in the nightly rate. If Airbnb is not adding any taxes to the nightly rate, then the tax percentage shown will be sent as a fee to Airbnb, where Airbnb will add this to the rate displayed to the guest. If Airbnb is adding taxes, then that percentage needs to be noted and then adjusted in the BookingPal Tax Manager dashboard to avoid double taxation. Property managers can set an “Airbnb specific tax” in the tax manager to offset what Airbnb is collecting.

No Airbnb Collected Tax – Airbnb is not collecting any taxes, and the company is allowing the property manager the ability to control the tax rate displayed to the guest. The taxes will also be sent back to the property manager in the reservation payout for remittance.
Override Airbnb Collected Tax – Airbnb is allowing the property manager to override what Airbnb is currently collecting/remitting and allowing the property manager to display the tax value and remit taxes.

Once the property manager has enabled the option in the BookingPal Tax Manager, BookingPal will override the taxes Airbnb is collecting and replace them with the taxes the property manager wants to collect and remit.

Stacked Airbnb Collected Tax – Airbnb is collecting and remitting taxes in your market, and they will allow the property manager to override the amount or remit the amount themself. However, if Airbnb is collecting less taxes than the market requires, the property manager can stack an additional tax on top of what is charged. Airbnb will send the stacked amount to the property owner to remit.

The difference between Ineligible and Stacked Airbnb Collected Tax is the tax will display as taxes to the guest, and not be bundled into the rate.
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