BookingPal Announces Integration with TravelStaytion to Enable Inventory Growth on a Global Level

Newport Beach, CA

February 17, 2022

TravelStaytion selects professionally managed properties connected with BookingPal to continue the growth on their platform offering an enhanced experience to their guests

BookingPal, the global leader in software technology solutions for vacation rental property managers and owners, adds TravelStaytion, one of the fastest-growing holiday rentals platforms for professionally managed properties globally, to its Channel API partners.

TravelStaytion exclusively offers elevated vacation rental stay experiences in 700 destinations worldwide. Each property’s management and ownership are verified to meet standards of excellence. BookingPal and its Channel API offers TravelStaytion the ability to screen new inventory and quickly grow its booking platform’s offerings while maintaining its high discretion of properties, each boasting an immaculate record of reliability, safety and customer satisfaction.

Professionally managed rentals using BookingPal can be seamlessly integrated on the TravelStaytion platform, becoming instantly available to book and accommodate.

The selection of vacation rentals on TravelStaytion consists of entire properties only, each with concierge services such as airport transportation luggage storage, repair assistance and emergency support, designed to cater to each guest’s accommodation needs.

“TravelStaytion presents a unique opportunity for property managers listing through BookingPal’s Channel API. The platform provides managers with a direct connection to discerning guests who expect a beautiful home and elevated level of service in which they work so hard to provide,” said Alex Aydin, founder and CEO of BookingPal.

”The integration with BookingPal is an amazing opportunity for us to connect with a great range of highly professional property managers with devotion to the true meaning of hospitality. It also supports our mission to simply offer properties in perfect condition in beautiful destinations, with the local support of our hosts who ensure the same standards across all the properties we advertise.” said Ioanna Nentoudi, Product Development Manager at TravelStaytion.

Property managers wishing to be listed with TravelStaytion must activate their connection in the BookingPal Dashboard to be viewable by TravelStaytion and be onboarded to join the site’s inventory. For access to BookingPal’s resources for channel management and distribution, visit www.bookingpal.com or contact Matt Gurley, Head of Sales: matt@mybookingpal.com

About BookingPal

BookingPal is the leading provider of distribution technology and Channel Management solutions for the vacation rental industry. BookingPal helps property management companies increase revenue, occupancy and efficiency through a fully managed distribution platform. The platform provides smooth, continuous, and real time connectivity between the world’s leading property management software systems and consumer travel websites such as ​Homes & Villas – By Marriott International​, ​Airbnb​, ​Booking.com​, ​Expedia​, ​Google​, ​VRBO​, and ​TripAdvisor​.

About TravelStaytion

TravelStaytion is one of the fastest growing companies in the vacation rentals industry for professionally managed properties, based in London UK. TravelStaytion offers a 360 operation framework to real estate and property owners, in the vacation rental industry and through its bespoke technology analytical guidelines for seamless operation, strong brand standards and local presence the company delivers its promise of offering an elevated experience to all stakeholders.

To learn more about TravelStaytion visit www.travelstaytion.com or contact Ioanna Nentoudi, Product Development Manager: ioanna@travelstaytion.com