BookingPal Integrates Airbnb Reviews to Help Property Managers Improve Vacation Rental Rankings

Newport Beach, CA

September 27, 2022

BookingPal, the global leader in software technology solutions for vacation rental property managers and owners, has incorporated Airbnb’s reviews system API into the company’s BookingPal Wizard platform. Property management companies can now read and respond to Airbnb reviews from one central place. Reviews are essential to the vacation rental community; it enables guests to make an informed decision in finding the perfect accommodation for their trip and also helps property managers open their homes with confidence and attract more bookings. Airbnb Reviews in BookingPal By integrating Airbnb’s reviews API into the BookingPal Wizard platform, property managers now have a streamlined solution for writing guest reviews and replying to feedback in one central platform as opposed to logging into multiple vacation rental and management software sites. BookingPal chose to integrate reviews into the BookingPal Wizard platform to create a simple and efficient process for property managers that would encourage property managers to proactively write and respond to reviews, which in turn help their business. “Reviews have a profound impact on the financial success for property managers’ listings, but it is often forgotten as travelers’ transition back to their daily lives once a trip concludes, and property managers focus on the next booking,” says Alex Aydin, founder and CEO of BookingPal. Property managers should prioritize reviews because:

  1. Leaving a review for guests is a chance to show gratitude, provide feedback, and it also reminds them to review you
  2. More reviews and an average review score rating of 4.8 or higher earns property managers Superhost status, which improves rankings and search
  3. Responding to traveler reviews, even if the review is less than perfect, can show future guests you are an active property manager who continually improves the vacation rental property based on traveler feedback

For access to BookingPal’s resources for channel management and distribution, visit www.bookingpal.com or contact Paula Bushey, Senior Director of National Sales, paula@mybookingpal.com About BookingPal BookingPal is the leading provider of distribution technology and Channel Management solutions for the vacation rental industry. BookingPal helps property management companies increase revenue, occupancy and efficiency through a fully managed distribution platform. The platform provides smooth, continuous, and real time connectivity between the world’s leading property management software systems and consumer travel websites such as ​Homes & Villas – By Marriott International​, ​Airbnb​, ​Booking.com​, ​Expedia​, ​Google​, ​VRBO​, and ​TripAdvisor​.