Tweener Homes to Partner With BookingPal to Expand Furnished Rental Home Offerings for “Tweeners”

Newport Beach, CA

August 8, 2022

Partnership to assist households find comfortable temporary rental homes while in between old and new home.

BookingPal, the global leader in software technology solutions for vacation rental property managers and owners, has welcomed Tweener Homes, the first online platform to help people find and reserve a comfortable, fully furnished rental home while they’re in between permanent residences.

The addition of Tweener Homes as a Channel API Partner, offers increased exposure to a new audience of home renters to those property managers utilizing BookingPals tech solutions. Tweener Homes was founded to provide temporary living solutions for households that need to sell an existing home prior to being able to search, find, buy and move to their new dream home.

“We are pleased to work with BookingPal on this integration which will greatly expand our inventory of top quality furnished rental homes to provide temporary living accommodations for those people that previously would be relegated to stays in a cramped hotel or apartment. This addition will round out our complete home search platform,” said Tweener Homes Founder & CEO Nick Calvi. “The addition of tens of thousands of furnished temporary rental homes will complement our current listings of over 1 million homes for sale across the U.S. We look forward to providing BookingPal property managers access to people who desire to purchase a new home but need a temporary accommodation while they’re looking for the perfect one.”

Tweener Homes

“We are always on the lookout for new distribution channel partners that offer new and productive options for our property managers to diversify their marketing strategies. We’re very excited to be partnering with Tweener Homes” said Alex Aydin, founder and CEO of BookingPal. “One of the lessons learned from the pandemic was need for diversification. Tweener Homes does just that and will offer exposure for our Booking Pal property managers to non-vacation travelers, critical for increased bookings and revenues during times of lower vacation travelers and occupancies. ”

With the addition of BookingPal’s Channel API, thousands of households dreading the thought of staying in a cramped hotel / apartment, or couch surfing with family or friends, will now have access to nicely equipped fully furnished homes where and when they need one. And second homeowners, hesitant or restricted from short term vacation rentals, can now open their homes to help these households the months until they can find and move to their new home while also helping themselves earn income. “A win-win” added Calvi.

Property managers wanting to distribute their property listings to Tweener Homes can visit their BookingPal dashboard and select Tweener Homes within the channel connector wizard. All property details are instant synced, making all property details including rates and availability accurate and viewable.

For access to BookingPal’s resources for channel management and distribution, visit www.bookingpal.com or contact Paula Bushey, Senior Director of National Sales, paula@mybookingpal.com.

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