Preparing for the Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and it’s time to perfect your listings. Attract visitors before planning their big holiday vacations and learn how to continue to drive guests to your vacation home outside of your high season. Increase your ability to gain additional revenue by marketing your home effectively as you prepare for the fall.


Check out these useful strategies to promote your home for the Fall season:


Housekeeping: Off season is the ideal time to do housekeeping. This housekeeping should include full descriptions for your property content and your photos must be up to date. To get your 2019 rates and inventory set, add early booking bonus promos. Include information on your listing that showcases the advantages of vacationing in your property during the fall. Change your property title, along with the description, to spark the interest of bookers. Words are powerful, share why fall is the best time of year for guests to stay in your home, and why fall is enjoyable with various seasonal activities that can only be done during this time of year.

Spotlight the Season: Change lead photos for seasonal flavor. Address your policies to ensure your property is as flexible as possible, to interest the travelers who have flexible time to enjoy your destination out of peak season. Advertise specific features or trips guests can enjoy during this time of year. Offer a fishing trip for your home on the lake, or excellent hikes with unbelievable views. Remind the readers that this time of year provides the perfect weather with warm days and cool nights, giving them the opportunity to be active throughout their entire trip.

Engage: Interest your guests with beautiful visuals of your home and the scenic views specific to what they will see in the fall. An example could be that North Carolina vacation home you have, which has the absolute best nature to indulge in during fall. There is no other time of the year where guests will experience this part of the world in the same way. Or, promote your Massachusetts vacation rental, where guests can enjoy the radiant reds, yellows, and oranges of the leaves.

Since photos have the highest engagement from fans, followed by videos, it is important to provide customers with what they should expect from a relaxing vacation at your property. By highlighting fall themed photos as your main picture to spotlight, this will give you the opportunity to showcase the beauty of your home at this time of year. Yes, that means having stunning photos of your home, but don’t forget to capture shots from your surrounding area, along with all local attractions.

Strategic Marketing: Being strategic with your marketing during your slow period can turn it into a hot season. An option to boost your occupancy in the fall is to adjust your minimum stay requirements. For example, if your minimum nightly stay is around 7 nights, it may be worthwhile to shorten that time frame to 2 or 3 nights, however, you’ll have to charge enough on a nightly basis to make the shorter stay worthwhile for you. Since most singles, couples, and families generally take their longer trips in the summer, the likelihood for a little getaway during this time of year is much greater. Typically, in the fall, smaller homes book more frequently than larger homes, because trips are shorter and booked on a last minute versus planning out months in advance.

Ensure that your property reaches its full potential this fall by following these simple steps. Provide your guests with a clear idea of what a vacation in your stunning rental would be like, by upgrading your listing to showcase a fall vibe. Make this low season your hot season.

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