Revenue Management

Our revenue management tool turns property managers in to revenue strategy gurus. Stay a step ahead of the competition while increasing revenue.

Content Optimization (myOptimize)

myOptimize software gives property managers a score on their listing. These scores represent how viewable a property can be via searches and pages. The higher your score is, the more likely it is going to be on a higher page number while users are searching properties.

Yield Management

Define your yield management upon joining BookingPal and we will automate your rates on all distribution channels based on the specific criteria. Your rates will be adjusted accordingly and will be automatically updated on your channels, saving you time and increasing your revenue.

OTA Ranking

Monitored rankings versus your competitors across key OTAS and Meta Sites.

Competitor Rate Analysis

Rate comparison allows you to take the competition’s prices into consideration to set competitive prices in this ever-growing industry.

Review Score

Monitored review scores versus your competitors across key OTAS and Meta Sites.

Market Demand

See an accurate snapshot of what is happening in your market.

Rate Parity

Live Pricing Summary Report across key OTAs and Meta Sites.

Rate Intelligence

Get instant access to future and historic rates for you and your competitors



  • Increase your revenue per unit and your price per booking by constantly ranking near the top of the search results and by getting better reviews from your guests.
  • Increase guest satisfaction and your listing rating because guests are always able to get in touch with our highly trained customer service staff.
  • Stay in as much control as you like. You still maintain access to all your accounts, and can communicate with guests as much or as little as you like.
  • Increase your response rate dramatically due to no missed responses because you were sleeping, at work, at the grocery store, etc. Higher response rate = more bookings.
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