Set Your Early Bird Promos While School is Back in Session

The new school year is starting, and students everywhere are dreading it. However, property managers with rentals on the beach are dreading the school season as well. If you are struggling with obtaining reservations during this school season and have open dates ahead, consider including early bird promotions to fill the spots now, rather than later.


Here are a few ways to efficiently set early bird promotions in preparation for the upcoming school season:

Stand Out: Everyone loves a discount on vacation rentals! Ensure that you make a strong case as to why guests should partake in your early bird promotion and what makes your property special. Early bird promotions can be a deal breaker when a guest is deciding between multiple properties, so guarantee that you are the best at highlighting the benefits of booking early. Emphasize every single advantage your guests will experience when staying at your property.

Different Types of Discounts: Not only is a discount on staying overnight at your rental a good idea, but you can also include discounts on various amenities. Consider including discounts at your local gym, babysitting services, or wash and fold services.

Get the Word Out: What’s the point of having an early bird promotion if people don’t know about it? It is vital to include it on as many outlets as possible, ranging from your website, emails, brochures, and social media. Anything you can do to get the word out will help you and your property in the long run.

Be Unique: Although this isn’t mandatory, consider offering your early bird promotions to selective customers. For example, limit the early bird promotions to the people that join your email list or follow your social media sites. This is a unique way to advertise your early bird promotion, while marketing other elements of your property at the same time.

Vacation rentals on the beach are an amazing marketing asset during the summer. Now that school is coming up, many plan on reservations slowing down for the season. Set yourself up for success by building your base early, and raise rates back closer to travel dates. Increase your bookings and revenue by offering early bird promotions this upcoming season.


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