What Can Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out From The Crowd?

There are vacation rentals and then there are fabulous vacation rentals. What is going to make your rental stand out from the competition? If your interior is looking tired and outdated, it is time to redecorate. Design has become more important than ever. There are many benefits to hiring an interior designer.

Having a well-designed home will enable you to increase your rate and keep you booked. Once a guest finds a home that they love, it becomes a yearly tradition for them. They will be forever guests and will tell their friends and family about your rental as well.

Your home will be well taken care of because they will appreciate the design so much that they will treat it like their own.

Charleston and our barrier islands, are among the best places to travel in the country. Tourists want a place to unwind, relax and enjoy time with their family and friends. They want to live in the moment and be surrounded by the beauty of Charleston and the coastal lifestyle whether they are outside or inside.

People are visual. Vacation rental homes are all about the mood. Vacationers research for places to stay and go through several sites and photos to find that perfect house. They are looking for an inviting, clean, comfortable, stylish place that makes them feel rejuvenated.

There is marketing but if they do not like what they see, they will pass right on by. Interior designers play such an important role in all of this.

We have the ability to make the most out of a space. Designers have a trained eye and an abundant amount of resources, some of which are to the trade only. We know what is timeless, trendy and what is out of date.

Designers give you a professional assessment of your situation that will lead to a solid plan of action. This does not mean coming in and telling you that everything needs to go.

They can determine what can be repurposed, rearranged, or updated. They may see things differently than you do. Paint color, fabrics, upholstery, lighting, art and accessories all need to tie in together in a certain way to achieve a well-designed space.

Interior designers are conscious of functionality and durability. Your house will have plenty of traffic and need to stand up to big gatherings. We know how to create a consistent flow throughout with furniture placement and color. How you use color is crucial. It can make or break the spirit of the room.

Some may think that they cannot afford to hire a professional, but it is actually quite the opposite. So many home owners make costly mistakes and in the end they have achieved nothing. Decorating your house for a guest to stay in for a week is different than decorating it for yourself. You are trying to create a dream vacation for someone. There is a skill to that.

Vacation rental owners can benefit from hiring an interior designer as we share the vision of what vacationers are looking for in today’s competitive market.

The right design elements will make your photos pop and your property will be booked before your competition. The return for a minor smart investment will last for years.

Kim Nielsen is the owner of Kim Nielson Interiors, you can reach her at 843.276.7793 or visit her website www.bluecoastdesigngroup.com.

Source: Island Eye News
By: Kim Nielsen


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