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Inntopia Users

Can Increase their Revenue by an Average of 50%!

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How BookingPal's Products and Services can benefit Inntopia Users

Increase HomeOwner Retention
Increased revenue for each property create happier homeowners.
Content Management engine
Maintain all your property level content (images, descriptions, amenities, policies, etc.) in one location for easy distribution.
Increase your listings conversion
Our optimization tools maximize the perfomance of your listings to generate more bookings for you.
Revenue Management tools
We provide daily market demand and competitive rate information. We can even automatically set rates for you to maximize your profits.
Increase your brand visibility
We have the largest network of OTA channels exposing your brand to over 200 million monthly guests. You own channel agreements, so you maintain your brand across all sites. We offer centralized channel payment, saving you time.
Full Content Integration with Channels
Simplifying distribution. Automatically update your rates, calendar availability, fees and taxes, as well as your property level content as soon as changes are made.
Dedicated Onboarding team
Our dedicated onboarding team will work to optimize your content, create customized listing and launch them on every channel.
Merchant of Record Service
We can receive and process credit card transaction for you and deposit funds in your account. You can show net proceed to your homeowners.
Dedicated Account Managers
Our expert local market managers work with you to set and reach revenue goals. We heavily focus on your listing placement and performance so that we can ensure an increase in night booked and average daily rates.
Failed Payment Service
We chase down failed payments from channels for you, restoring 30% of failed transaction, while saving you time and resources.
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Put Your Property
in Front of 200 Million Guests Each Month
Connect to over 80 vacation rental channels and OTA's

Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to your Inntopia Account Manager and ask to enable BookingPal. On the day on your BookingPal registration call, your Project Manager will walk you through the enabling and activation process.
BookingPal believes it is very important for you to own your agreements with each large channel. This allows you to own the placement on each channel you earn with us, as well as own all reviews. This also gives you transparency of the full process. Certain channels such as, Airbnb, and Expedia require that a PM register with them before any properties are distributed.
Yes, BookingPal can support multiple types of inventory on all channels. We are able to help convert key level into hotel level listings, helping you reach marketing channels previously unattainable if selling at Key Level.
Yes, you can choose which specific channels you want to be listed on. In order to work with BookingPal's expansive network, we require at least one major channel (, Expedia, Airbnb, or HomeAway).
For Property Managers Without BookingPal's Failed Payment Support:
  • Simply reach out to the guest and request a valid Credit Card to complete the booking
  • If the Credit Card continues to fail, or you cannot reach the Guest; cancel the reservation on the channel
For Property Managers With BookingPal's Failed Payment Support:
  • When a failed payment occurs, BookingPal is immediately notified
  • BookingPal will work with the guest to correct the problem on behalf of the Property Manager
  • If the failed payment issue is not resolved after making adequate attempts to reach the guest, the reservation will be canceled
Yes, BookingPal has easy-to-use yield and promotion tools to easily adjust pricing on channels. Your Account Manager can set this up for you. There is no need to load different rates manually.
your Regional Sales Director, Brian Brown,
who would be more than happy to share new information on this integration with you and set you up for ultimate success!
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