Expert Services

Our expert services help to increase your ADR during peak season and maximize occupancy during slower seasons. BookingPal allows you to view your competitive set and make effective and smart decisions to boost RevPar.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team of dedicated account managers augment your marketing team, ensuring your property has its best foot forward. They help you manage content, promotions, and channel-specific requirements, with compensation aligned with your success. Our knowledgeable account managers are here to assist you to the best of their ability, and are attentive and quick to respond to any inquiries. Our industry experts will help you get the most out of your vacation accommodation. Get actionable insights to stay a step ahead of the market and your competition. Our dedicated account management team oversees the success of your properties. With a constant eye on the market and the competition, we optimize the revenue for each property through inventory and rate analysis.

Expert Merchandising Consultation

Our experts in the local market have a finger on the pulse when it comes to seasonal pricing and recommend if you are either priced out of the market or leaving revenue on the table. They also generate local and national promotions for you to participate. True market analysis with strong data insights allow your properties to step above your competition.

Net or Hybrid Rates support to upsell rates

We make sure that the property manager gets what they want by setting prices that will cover commission and allow the PM to set a dollar amount on what kind of revenue they would like to see on their end. Property managers set the amount of money they would like to see out of their properties and we adjust the nightly rate to cover our commission while also getting you what you want.

Rate analysis and recommendation

We analyze the market demand to identify and recommend the optimal pricing for each of your units.

Property level content audit

We review all of your property level information and rates to make sure they are all matching the content on your website or within your PMS.

Image Tagging

Our team will tag all of your properties images to meet the tagging recommendations of booking.com and Expedia.

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