Keep Your Brand Strong

Your business reputation is not only important to you but to your customers. Your brand is the face of your company, and you cannot let bad renters affect your brand or reputation. In the home-sharing business, it comes to no surprise that any bad renter is bad news. Be cautious of bad renters and learn more on ways to avoid dealing with guests that may negatively impact your holiday home and your company’s reputation. Educate yourself on some of the ways a bad renter could put a dent in your brand.

Replacing Damaged Goods

Irresponsible guests will commonly create a mess. It is possible that they may damage items in your property. This type of damage could range from stained carpets to broken crystal glasses or a cherished family heirloom. It is recommended to keep all special or breakable items tucked away from guests. Make sure there is no room to encourage any type of damage on your end.

Higher Cleaning Fees

Invest in a good cleaning service. Whether your guests were a complete disaster or an absolute delight, you want to feel good knowing that your vacation home, regardless of the situation will always be shining and spotless, and ready for your next guests to arrive.

Tarnished Reputation

Within the vacation rental industry, reputation is everything. Too many bad reviews will result in fewer bookings. It is upon yourself to make sure the home is in tip-top shape because even 1 review that is less than positive, can hurt you in more ways than one. Don’t let yourself feel defeated by the less than favorable bad renter. There are ways to prepare your home for your future guests with ease. You can also include little reminders around the home to be respectful and that additional charges may apply if they do not leave the rental home in good condition.

Closing Your Company

Here are some additional examples as to why you should do your best to not let irresponsible renters onto your property. If wild guests lodge in your vacation rental(s) too often, the dreadful truth is that you may be not only strongly disliked by your surrounding area and neighbors but you’re at the top of the list of the homeowner’s association takedown.

What to Do

This is a tough situation because many property managers may feel the renter’s actions are out of their control which is true, however, there are new smart tools to protect your home from these “bad renters”. One example of a smart tool that has recently been used often for property management is NoiseAware. This company offers services that notify you if noise in the home reaches a certain level. The property manager has the ability to adjust alerts and noise levels as they see fit. Be sure to lessen the outcome of a “bad renter” by following the presented tips and keep your brand strong while resting assured that your vacation home will always be in good shape.


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