Increase Booking.com Visibility with Mobile Rates and Length of Stay Logic

Are you using Mobile Rates?

Booking.com data shows that 75% of bookings are made on a mobile device. Mobile is by far the most important channel for bookings, and it’s also associated with important booking behavior:

  • Repeat bookings happen more often on the app
  • First-time bookings happen seven times more often on a mobile browser

While most bookings overall are made on a phone, this behavior is most evident among younger bookers. Customers under 35 use their phones to book a property 65% of the time — so adding a Mobile Rate can help your properties show more visibly to this demographic.

Here’s a quick video showing you how easy it is to set up mobile rates within BookingPal:

Length of Stay Restrictions – Are They Good or Bad?

A significant amount of Booking.com’s demand is for one and two night stays, and ever since COVID-19 emerged, Booking.com has seen more and more increases in demand for short stays like these.

The problem is that more than half of the vacation rentals on their platform do not appear in search results when users search for shorter vacation stays. This happens when LOS rules are set for longer durations, preventing shorter bookings from even being shown.

Consider the following tips for capturing some of this demand and filling up your booking calendar:

  • If your PMS offers gap logic, enable it and tweak it such that it automatically syncs with Booking.com, allowing them to perfectly fill those gaps.
  • Or, manually adjust your LOS rules based on seasonality. During slower seasons, think about allowing shorter stays to capture a wider demographic of guests.

Relaxing your LOS restrictions will not only get your properties in more search results (greater than 50%, as discussed above), but you’ll also enjoy increased visibility, heightened brand awareness, and a greater competitive advantage over properties that don’t offer such variety.

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